future Oct 31, 16

i can send messages  to the future like in steins;gate lololololololololol


- Levi

Wow Oct 31, 16

Wow, i'm suprised that i remembered about this site.




- Levi

Sad News Nov 30, 14

Sorry everyone but i will not be continuing this server. I know that a lot of you loved this server and so did I. I don't have the money to keep it going, and i'm not playing minecraft as often anymore. I might make a new server soon, but that is very very rare.

To-do List Sep 30, 14

This is stuff that is being worked on, needs to be worked on or is done.

New Hub: Being worked on.

Main Plugin: Being worked on.

Custom Minigames: Not yet started.


Server Updates Sep 30, 14

The Server will be whitelisted for a couple more days. The reason why the server is whitelisted is because i am working on new plugins, and there might be new servers.

Welcome Sep 30, 14

Welcome to the new server website!

Server Status

45% Complete
Pinging server...